Bedrooms & Attics

by Molly Robison

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released March 18, 2011

All photos by Kyle Cassidy (

All songs written, produced, and performed by Molly Robison (on a mac, with one lone microphone).



all rights reserved


Molly Robison Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Molly Robison - Tenterhooks
A calmer girl would let it go
She probably would have let you know by now
Her body's long awaited match
Should've figured it out somehow
And yet there you are, sitting on your hands
You're only using your mouth

A Wednesday night was spent in wait
Albeit several years too late
But it was worth it just to hear
Your static-filled voice in my ear
But look at us, we're still right here
In this absurd suspended state

It's so sad that we try to tell it through song
When it's clear that neither one of us
Are gonna sing along
Keep it inside
My love, at least for once we tried

You're trying hard to change your mind
You've done this damn near every time
But when your body's next to mine
I'm out the door and flying blind
Though I'm hating every second
I'm still willing to stand in line

I'm going against everything that I meant
It may be fun at night, but in the morning I'm spend
And everybody knows
So it might be better if I left

And so I held my breath too long
'Cause I was cheered on by the crowd
Don't take offense that it went wrong
Instead of being meek and proud
We should've opened up our mouths

We got out what we put in
I never would've guessed
That two sweet kids could've caused such a mess
But I'm glad it was with you
We wouldn't have taken any less
We wouldn't have taken any less
Track Name: Molly Robison - Bedrooms & Attics
Recordings and rummagings
All things stretching back as far as I remember
Soft light, breath held tight
Trying to keep our footsteps soft in the middle of December

Don't want to wake your parents up
Don't want to breathe in all that dust
From the bedrooms and attics that sheltered us
Don't want to pull the sheet down
Just want to show everything we found
In the bedrooms and attics where we kicked around

Full-grown with headphones
Skylights filling me with warmth and trust
Down the hall and through the door
Thinking I was working on a future made for us

Don't want to get the notes wrong
Don't want you stringing me along
In the bedrooms and attics where we made our songs
Don't want you to watch me
Just wanted you to hold me softly
In the bedrooms and attics were we stayed too long

Bedrooms and attics
Every choice made to scare or delight us
The ghosts and the choruses
Never knew they would someday divide us
Track Name: Molly Robison - Cicero
He walks down city streets
Taking everybody's heat
Talking everybody up
And though he can't quite remember my name
He'll be driving a while tonight
It'll take him a while tonight

And I hope he comes home with the snow
'Cause there's no love in Cicero
In his own words he did write
Of the dangers he faces at night

We met in a common way
Passed each other by mistake
And he caught me in a rage
Although he said that he knew right then
I was a good person inside
A good person somewhere inside

And I hope he comes home with the snow
'Cause there's no love in Cicero
In his own words he did write
Of the dangers he faces at night

Come home
Track Name: Molly Robison - Patience Worth
Pearl Lenore, born in a small town
Never had many friends, kept mostly to herself
Had few books on her shelf
A plain girl, so quiet and homely
Moved off to the city
To study music carefully

'Til one day her friend Emily
Said she had something for her to see
She'd been playing with ouija
Had a message coming through
From someone she once knew

Our Pearl never wanted to try it out
But the moment she did
She met a girl with prose and poetry
Flowing from her mouth
A girl with red hair who had lived across the sea
Had a message to share with Pearl and Pearl only

So quietly she said

Many moons ago I lived
Again I come
Patience Worth, Patience Worth, Patience Worth
Is my name
Wait, I would speak with thee
If thou shall live, then so shall I
I make my bread at thy hearth
Good friends, let us be merry
The time for work is passed
Let the tabby drowse
And wink her wisdom to the firelogs

They met fame with fire and frenzy
But as soon as they came, they were gone
Washed into obscurity
Track Name: Molly Robison - Lips Pursed, Eyes Down, Half Lost
As the wine rolls past our teeth
I'm spilling out my guts
And I blame it all on these
These two times I tried to trust
But that's no excuse
My hard times have come and gone
And I've made some kind of truce
Surely it won't last long

I've looked you in the face
Said, "I'm out of my mind."
You put me in my place
So for now I'm trying to find
The proper words to use
'Cause I'd hate to tell a lie
And this one rings so true
For now I'll stay here standing by

Lips pursed, eyes down, half lost

So kiss me while you can
'Cause soon I'll say some words you can't understand
And it's only getting worse
So save yourself, my dear
Try as I may, I can't say
What you'd like to hear
I'd leave you every day

Lips pursed, eyes down, half lost